Juneteenth Musicfest: A Time for Love is a musical offering of comfort, hope and inspiration. Initially a tribute to America’s freedom from slavery in 1865, the production was broadened speak to the contemporary challenges of freedom and justice in our land after the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of police. The dual impacts upon Black America of the Covid-19 pandemic and the chronic institutionalized racism and police brutality demanded recognition on the occasion of this most important holiday. From Lift Every Voice and Sing at the opening to Glory at the close, the singers and musicians of all colors brought both polish and passion to the stage. The song of Grammy Award-winning Oneida Wolf Clan member Joanne Shenandoah connected our tribute to include the indigenous people from these very lands to we indigenous people who were taken from our lands so long ago.

We hope you enjoy the music and the messaging delivered with love and hope for our collective future. If you are able to give more

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