Deirdre Sinnott, author of The Third Mrs. Galway



–New Historical Novel Brings to Life Events of Anti-slavery Agitation Through the Lens

of an Enslaved Family’s Quest for Freedom–

August 11, 2021, New York, NY –- Set against the dramatic backdrop of the anti-slavery
movement in Utica, NY, The Third Mrs. Galway tells the spellbinding story of a young
bride who discovers an enslaved family hiding in her shed. The discovery leads to an
unraveling of long-held family secrets. The novel is the culmination of twelve years of
research by first-time author Deirdre Sinnott, a native of Utica where the novel is set.
In moving, fast-paced prose, The Third Mrs. Galway explores the social issues of the
day through the eyes of Helen Galway who finds herself at the center of the era’s
greatest moral dilemma. Set in 1835, the novel traces pivotal true events including the
anti-abolition riot that sought to thwart the founding of the New York State Anti-Slavery

The Third Mrs. Galway by Deirdre Sinnott“As a native of Utica, a researcher, and an activist, I’ve always wondered about the

The history of the area, particularly the role citizens of Utica played in the anti-slavery
movement and was surprised that there was so much pointed opposition to abolition,”
said Sinnott. “Writing The Third Mrs. Galway was my way of sharing the rich history of
the area and its role in the abolitionist movement in a way that is relatable to people
today – whether they’re history enthusiasts, students, activists, or simply like to get lost
in a book.”
The Third Mrs. Galway is available as a trade paperback, a hardcover library edition, an
eBook, and an audiobook at all leading book retailers. The novel was published by
Kaylie Jones Books, an imprint of Akashic Books.
Deirdre Sinnott, a native of Utica, NY, and a lifelong civil rights activist, has dedicated her
life to fighting institutionalized racism. Sinnott is a graduate of Syracuse University and
has been a historical consultant for the National Parks Service’s 2021 survey of Oneida
County New York’s Underground Railroad sites. This project of the Ft. Stanwix National
Monument, headed by historian Judith Wellman, has identified more than 70 sites in
Oneida County. The report is due to be published in 2022.
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