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Thanks Giving – A POEM

By Natalie Williams

Contrary Perceptions, Different Views;

The prisms through which we ‘see’ light through…

T’was a time when this was ‘new’

Now, two years hence – not nearly through…


And, this old house has taken me

from ‘technically homeless’

to humble home times three.

From, frigid cold to just ‘chilly’.


There is still oh so much more to do…

In ‘renovation’, life renews.

And, so I plan; put things in place.

What’s mostly found gets a new space.

Of past and future, these compound;

to make a place to lay head down.

A great adventure – this has become.

Transformative forecasts have begun.


It has ‘good bones’; and so do I.

Inventor, Architect, and Poet;  Try…

And find that – Yes; I have “Become”.

All that, and more.  The battle won?


In all Thanksgiving to those hands;

the house, the people, frontier land.

This year; it takes on altered course;

from separations due to virus force.


But we ‘creatives’ find a way;

to praise both yester, and today.

Envision futures unforetold.

For clever workers, meek and bold.


Poems come! Delightfully;

as holiday and family

adjust to expectations new.

No turkey dinner; for fear of flu.


Become part of this community.

Adopt a few, make ‘family’.

If not all that; at least a crew…

Enjoy a meal of Hubbard Squash stew.


His and Her responsibility.

These talents brought, combined in me.

What will be, will indeed be…

Appreciating Thanksgiving Day – Alive and Free!


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