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Tennessee Chapter of ‘Moms of Liberty’ Are Trying to Keep

Despite the law, the organization’s allegations was rejected. The Department of Education replied that it will not investigate the allegations because of a technicality.

In a letter sent to the organization on Nov. 23, the State Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn wrote, that the law was made just this spring  is “only authorized to investigate allegations that have occurred during the 2021-22 school year and subsequent school years.”

Schwinn  was sure not to take sides about their viewpoint. “Please note that in declining to investigate these claims, the department has not made a determination regarding the merits of these allegations,” she continued. “We encourage you to work with the Williamson County School District to resolve the issues and concerns related to your complaint and ensure compliance with state law.”

Moms of Liberty, are unsatisfied with the reply, posted the note in its entirety online with the caption “The fine art of the dodge.”

Williamson County School Superintendent, Jason Golden, says that critical race theory is not being taught to the students.


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