By Natalie Williams

No Justice, No Peace!
That is the chant.

Police Brutalities; Recant

To Brutalizers; we demand
Cease your crimes against us.
We take a stand.

Yes, “Black Lives Matter” – no more, no less
This country’s ‘rules must face a test.

Look to the mirror first, I say
And we may see another day
A time when ‘All God’s Children’ play
Proceed – beyond mere words, I pray

To actions, which bring lasting change to patch the wounds, and minds deranged

If we don’t know justice; you can’t have peace Acknowledge what was done, at least.
Apologize, then compensate.
Do this now; while not yet, too late…
This could offset a brewing war;
and suffering – from shore to shore
For revolution has a cost.
“The ‘system’ is broken”. And lives were lost…

And to their profits; there will be no reform Must Overthrow what’s bent and torn
“His Story”; now, ‘Our Legacy’?
That’s unacceptable to me

Justice comes from ‘Just Us’; All of us know
America’s got so far to go.
A reckoning; of the past to now
To heal our nation; first kneel & bow

Lest racial injustice tear us apart
Pray, we must try for a better start
Not with guns; or knees pressed to our backs
An Upcomeance to those who proceed to attack

If indeed, ‘All Lives Matter’; tell me how
We’ve come to this position now?

No Justice Know justice
No Justice Know peace

Lockwood Law


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