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POETRY CORNER: Covid & The Fear

Covid & the Fear – A POEM, By Natalie Williams

It’s “The E con o my”;
Not our live’s that is precious. Now we can see…

The Haves and Have-nots; Eternally… Ensnared are we all – to E con o my

There’s now time. For reflection. For fam i ly
For food lines, and protests, and predictive spread explanatories

Whilst we wait, Must stand apart
no touch, no kiss, no affections such as these;
for fear of the spread of this novel, and deadly respiratory disease

Natural or manufactured? Which, they’ll never show;
but if you get it, you could die. That’s all you need to know.

So wear a mask. That’s the advise; and wipe your hands off well. And this prescription puts in check, the spread of virus. Time will tell.

As bodies pile, and death tolls mount
we dare take walks, and plan a new start We worry – How to keep our grocery cart;

and money bag, and car afloat
It seems; on the surface, that we’re all – indeed – in the same boat

Once was a time when we could huddle; touch one another, laugh & chuckle;
hold hands, hug, kiss, make close remarks… But now we’re masked; and stand apart

If this is now ‘normal’, then we must ask: “What cost this fear of virus has cast?”

Choking Economies, and societal loss…
Can’t help but wonder how much it all will cost?

A Bio-Weapon? Or just a lonely death.
At least, we were forewarned…
Like small pox, leprosy, flu and the plague; it may persist – quite long

Uncertainty. Stock market tanked, then made some small rebound Millions went to billionaires,
while jobless rates astound.

With schools closed, there are idle kids; with not enough to do and parents at their wit’s end finding, they’re affected too…

“A welcome break, from work” some say. “Get back to nature, with time to play”; “Just sit at home, get government pay”.

Give Pause, Reflect, and Treasure Things; which now have meanings beyond phone rings.

We are all connected – to this one life. Some get spiritual; some have family strife.

An opportunity. To re-create; do most things, another way From school. To work; In gatherings, to even how we play

All due to Covid – and The Fear.
Nineteen; It’s changed us all; now, that is clear.

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