If you’re looking for your dream home, or inspiration to spruce yours up, some beautiful luxury homes are currently being showcased in Baldwinsville. It’s part of the Parade of Homes event, hosted by the Central New York Home Builders and Remodelers Association.

The Parade of Homes gives you the chance to walk through these gorgeous homes and see the latest designs and floor plans.

Seven local builders have been working on them for the last few months. Experts said this event may inspire folks to take the next step with an addition or to remodel another room.

In addition to walking through the homes, daily events are scheduled while companies are on-site offering products and services. The interior decorator of one of the homes says a lot of work goes into process.

“We just love it as a hobby. My husband is the builder here, Scott Merle, and he kind of recruited me. But, we’ve been working hard to get it looking right and to learn all the trends. And, I think that’s one of the reasons that people do come to the Parade of Homes,” said Scott Merle Builders Partner Kim Merle.

Many of the items inside the homes are also for sale such as the rugs, lamps and curtains. Just ask the experts inside each home. The two Ladies Nights will take place on Thursday and then another on September 23. The Parade of Homes will run through September 26.

The Treybrook Development is in Baldwinsville and is located in the Seneca Knolls area off Route 48. But for directions, you’re encouraged to visit HBRCNY.com.


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