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COVID hospitalization numbers wrong again

A San Francisco news publication got the figures terribly wrong when reporting COVID hospitalizations.

The article is titled Comparing California coronavirus uptick to surges in Florida and Texas.

As the title suggests various metrics are compared between these states.

While looking at current hospitalization data for the three states Florida stood out as extremely high.

Fortunately, the author linked to the website where they got their data.

The Florida numbers were grossly misrepresented due to the fact that the cumulative number of hospitalizations was reported instead of the current number of hospitalizations. In other words instead of saying how many people are now in the hospital for COVID it was saying how many people had ever been hospitalized for COVID from March until June.

The article’s html suggests the articles was part of the editors picks. However as of 8/17/2020 the article has not been corrected.

The article’s analysis of Texas was in line with current hospitalization estimates presented in the original data.

On June 27th I submitted a question to the author Eric Ting through their website inquiring about the data used and have not received a response.

The article comes from the website

SFGATE, the Hearst-owned website sister-site of the San Francisco Chronicle and is an online source for news related to the Bay Area.

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