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At the Table with Jesus

New York Author announces the launch of her book, pledges 100% of book proceeds to serve others.

Utica, NY – Seventy-nine-years young, Miss Doddie will be at The Empowerment Center, 230 James St., Utica, NY, 13501, USA on Saturday, April 21, 2018, from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. to launch her book, At the Table with Jesus.

Miss Doddie’s heart and mission are to serve and to share so, it’s no surprise she has decided to assign 100% of her author proceeds to Hope House of Utica, NY to help physically feed those in need. At the Table with Jesus provides spiritual food through her compiled insights and wisdom, gleaned from decades of her personal faith journey. Hope House Executive Director, John Madej, will join in the celebration and officially accept Miss Doddie’s timely donation.

Miss Doddie has asked that only her pen name be used. She wants to decrease the focus on herself and highlight the focus upon God and what He has and will do.

Doddie comes from a large local family and is a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and “family” to many. She has been a resource to the community as a porch to stop by when you need a hug, an ear to listen, a word to encourage. She served actively in a community church greeting and preparing to receive people there.

“People need to eat,” Miss Doddie said. “People that don’t have food can go to a place that will feed them. You can go there, eat freely, and then leave; no begging needed. It’s just like feeding on the Word. People need a place to eat for the spirit too. Spirit gotta be fed. You can go to the Bible, and eat from it freely, and you’re welcome back anytime.”

The author added, “God is real.” She said that God has brought her, “a mighty long way. God does clean-up and I’m proof of it!” Struggling with alcoholism, 33 years ago, she experienced the transforming power of God. She says that was the day she was given a new life. She is fully committed to spreading the Word. Miss Doddie explained that she had found Him before, but she just wasn’t ready to listen to Him and obey. “Look what God did for me!” She encourages many with her understanding and support. “We all have struggles. No matter what your troubles are, just know God has all the power we need to see us through.”

Miss Doddie invites readers to feast on the very same insights that have spiritually fed and kept her for years. “It’s your time to take hold and dig in. Welcome to the feast. This book is grocery shopping for the heart and soul because you’re gonna get fed. This is not a book that’s going on the shelf; it’s going to the heart!”

More than 150 insights enlighten, encourage, empower, and spiritually equip readers from all walks of life. At the Table with Jesus is written in the voice of the author to preserve the authenticity of the message and stay true to the mission.

Miss Doddie says, “It’s a travelin’ book. So, when you go wherever you need to go, it’s easy to just take it with ya. It’s not too big, not too thick, just short enough, and easy enough to read. So, you’ll want to pick it up, get right in it, and get started right away.”
At the Table with Jesus is published by Bolder Spirit Publishing. www.facebook.com/thebookatthetablewithJesus/

For more information or for review copies, email attwjbook@gmail.com.

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