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A Very Special Tuesday in the Garden

By Cassandra Harris-Lockwood

Natalie Parent digging in the Garden

Tuesdays in the Linwood Place Garden are regularly very busy days. This past September 15, as usual, Garden Leader Erin Corrigan was there along with community gardener, Tru Lee, harvesting cilantro, marjoram, various squashes, basil, transplanting sorrel, pruning, and putting beds to bed for the winter. They were joined by Natalie Parent from Spring Farm Cares who throughout the summer has been bringing an array of perennial plantings to add to this green oasis in the middle of the city.

I arrived midmorning with 20 or so Aloe Vera pups for potting. We were all busy digging out a young volunteer maple tree from the perennial flower bed when Joseph Steet, of Steet Ponte Automotive Group, arrived. So we put him to work.

With spade and garden fork we all dug and pulled and dug some more until we wrested the sapling from its chosen ground with a snap. There is a bet underway now as to whether or not the little tree will make it through the winter. We didn’t manage to get all of the taproot but with buckets of water, the coming Fall rains, and loving intentions, we plan on enjoying the beauty and protection of this young tree for years to come.

Joe Steet and Erin Corrigan planting a sapling

Joey Steet did not come without notice or intent. He had called a few weeks prior to say he had heard about For The Good’s Community Gardens and wanted to make a donation. He came with a check. It was a very generous check for $10,000.  Since there was plenty to do that day we all continued to work along, including the planting of the young sapling. Joey helped with that as well. Natalie was busy siting and planting the many plants she had brought along.

It wasn’t until the John’s Jon’s attendant came along that we stopped and asked him to take the picture of all of us. Cell phones are wonderfully handy objects. So are generous donors. Well, they’re not objects but they sure do come in handy.

Left to right: Erin Corrigan, Natalie Parent, Joe Steet, Cassandra Harris-Lockwood, Tru Lee

We want to give a big shout out and a big thank you to Joe Steet, Steet Ponte Auto Group and the Toyota Auto Company for giving this very generous and thoughtful check to support For The Good and the Community Gardens.

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