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10 Year Anniversary Open House at TRand Art Studio & Gallery in Clinton

Clinton, NY – TRand Art Studio & Gallery is thrilled to celebrate ten years with an anniversary open house. Highlighting the evolution of owner Tim Rand’s artwork throughout the years, the open house will showcase early works from his Portrait collection to recent work from his Fish Out of Water and Life Is Sweet series. The open house will take place on June 19 and 20 from 12-5 pm, and include work by other local artists Tony Thompson (painting) and Ashley Stagner (printmaking).

Rand opened the gallery, originally known as Tarat Studio, in June 2011 at his late grandfather’s house at 84 Utica Street. Throughout the years, the gallery has hosted a number of regional artists’ works and showcases large paintings on the front porch year round.

‘My work has definitely evolved a lot recently. The pandemic has affected everyone in different ways and I needed to paint something lighter and more uplifting. Life Is Sweet is all about nature, something my grandfather and father taught me to enjoy. Growing up, I spent my summers walking in the woods with them, learning about newts and salamanders, different types of trees and the beautiful silence of the forest. The first piece in the series, the Humble Honey Bee was an ode to nature’s essential worker – often overlooked but vital to giving life to things both beautiful (flowers) and necessary (crops), something that resonated with me as a creator. Once I finished the first piece, the series really took off.’

In addition to his oil paintings, Rand has been working on community based murals over the last year, often donating his time. With two projects in the books in 2020 including a large honey bee mural at the Utica Zoo and several smaller pieces at the outdoor dining area on West Park Row in Clinton, Rand is looking forward to completing a swallowtail butterfly mural at Arts at the Palace in Hamilton, NY this summer. The collaboration will include a pollinator garden created by naturalist Morgan Elmore and is made possible by GOLDEN Artist Colors and the Central New York Community Foundation. The project will help bring art and nature together, giving bees, butterflies and humans a place to regroup from our daily adventures.

TOP 5 Studio Memories:

A few months after I first opened a little spit-fire of a lady named Lucia stopped by to check out the art. She took one look at me and left, only to return with a dozen Bagel Grove bagels in hand before announcing that I needed to eat something. That base level of community is why I like living in Central New York – people caring about people.

It was Parent’s Weekend at Hamilton College and I had papered the campus with leaflets promoting my gallery. Only one group showed up that weekend and we chatted with each other for almost half an hour, discussing each piece of artwork in turn. I ask everyone who comes in if they’re an artist and the guy smiled at me like I had three heads. As they left I gave my card and introduced myself. It took me about thirty seconds after they left to realize it was none other than Jon Bon Jovi – classic me!

I got a call from the Utica Comets one day asking to come in to discuss a piece for their big renovations. A few months and many long nights of painting later, and I was at the Zuhaus Suites shaking hands with Rob Esche and unveiling the most important piece of my career so far. The piece is of Adirondack Bank Center architect Gil Seltzer, a 100 year old WWII veteran and architectural pioneer. It was such a great project to work on and I loved working with everyone involved.

It isn’t a specific memory per se, but I’ve created over 600 pieces of original art over the years. Each one has a story behind it, be it from my travels abroad, to some personal connection with the subject. Some take 100 hours of painting over several months and others are done in a matter of days. I take notes on each and every piece of work detailing what layer I worked on each night and for how long, as well as what is happening in my life at the time. It’ll be a good read when I retire!

One of my proudest moments as an artist has nothing to do with paint. In 2019 I published a book of poems called The Dirigible Chronicles. I’d been writing and collecting these little snippets of life at random for over ten years but never imagined they would ever see the light of day. I love showing my paintings in public but this was nerve wracking to me as they showed a more personal side of my life. But I did it, and that makes me happy.

TRand Art Studio & Gallery is located at 84 Utica Street in Clinton. For more information about the Open House on June 19 and 20, please contact Tim by email at talexanderart@gmail.com, sign up for the newsletter by visiting www.trandart.com or call 315-527-4774 for more information.

Contact information:
Name: Tim Rand
Address: 84 Utica Street, Clinton, NY 13323
Cell: (315) 527-4774

Email: talexanderart@gmail.com
Website: www.trandart.comTRand Art Studio & Gallery
84 Utica Street
Clinton, NY 13323

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