BLACK STARS MATTER: Do Not Miss the Lyrist GSwiss

By: Theresa Mancuso If you have lived in Utica and are a Millennial; you know the name Gino Brown aka GSwiss, local (rapper/music artist). Gino began his love for the musical art form at the...

Title: Ya Boy H,Who Was Henry Martinez?

By: Theresa Mancuso If you live in Utica by now you have heard the tragic news that 29-year-old Henry Martinez was inexplicably gunned down in a random act of violence on June 29, 2017. Born...

My Journey Down Under -The Marquesha Ware Story Continued By Theresa Mancuso

Black Stars Matter In December 2016, this writer received a flyer regarding Marquesha Ware, a determined TR Proctor student invited to represent New York State and our country in the Eastern Conference Track and Field...
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