A Statement by Indivisible Mohawk Valley 

UTICA, NEW YORK– Indivisible Mohawk Valley believes in an inclusive and responsive government where elected representatives govern in the people’s best interests. IMV and groups like ours will continue to organize together because our communities deserve a representative who is going to care for all. Tenney’s track record leaves us with little doubt that she will struggle in that area, so our job as activists is needed now more than ever. 

Judith Jerome, New Hartford, notes: “We have now had experiences with Claudia Tenney’s and Anthony Brindisi’s representation. The differences are stark. Brindisi focused on issues such as protecting Social Security and Medicare, strengthening public schools and creating jobs. Tenney focused on avoiding questions from her constituents. Her win is a loss for our NY22 communities.”

Kelli Samson, Barneveld, adds: “I have had first-hand experience with both Claudia Tenney and Anthony Brindisi, as representatives and as fellow human beings. Hands down, Anthony wins the prize for fairness, empathy, and hard work. Tenney’s contributions in the past have been to avoid her constituents, to slant the truth, to show disrespect, and to ignore her duties. NY22 will suffer with her in office.”

Ms. Tenney reclaims a seat which she lost two years ago.  Her victory comes with a statistically insignificant majority of 109 votes.  IMV will remain involved in advocating for full participation in democracy, which includes demanding free, open, public town halls with the intent to listen, speaking respectfully of constituents, and putting country over party.


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Mission statement

IMV is a group of concerned citizens who self-organize around events and projects that strengthen our bonds and community with one another while standing up peacefully and non-violently to the destructive, corrupt, and undemocratic forces in American politics. We are dedicated to championing social justice, to working to support progressive values, and to electing progressive candidates to office at every level of government. We are a civic engagement and political activism community with the goal of making political activism bite size, local, and fun.  



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