By Peter Bianco

An article from Business Insider touts the headline, “Only 10 people who’ve gotten Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine have had severe allergic reactions — and more than 4 million doses have been given out.”

At this same time looking at data from VAERS, the CDC’s vaccine adverse event reporting system, shows a much more concerning picture. The website has put VAERS data into an easy to view interactive format.

The numbers above reflect total adverse events for both the Moderna and Pfizer shots combined.
Not only was the headline from the corporate media misleading, the article is flat out wrong.
It states “There have been no reports of death so far.” This seems to be in reference to the Moderna shot.
There were 64 reported deaths from those who received the Moderna shot and 118 reported deaths from those who received the Pfizer shot.
Additionally under-reporting of serious adverse events is a commonly recognized occurrence because the reporting system is voluntary, physicians are not accustomed to reporting or linking adverse events to new medications or vaccines, and the process of reporting is cumbersome.
If you know someone who has had adverse event here is a link for the reporting of it.
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  1. 2 hours after receiving Moderna vaccine, started feeling strange at grocery store, trying to check out. My arms were rigid, could not put debit card into machine, my legs were weak, had nausea and vomiting, was sweaty. Ambulance was called, They evaluated me, ekg was normal, bp elevated, pulse rapid at 120. I refused to go to E.R. as I began feeling better. It has been 1 week, and I now have red spots on my left arm and face. Was advised by PCP not to take 2nd injection. I felt like I was in a fog. Had fever for 3 days and left arm extremely sore, red, and hot to touch. I self reported this on the VAERS on-line web site.


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