Utica NY- The Adirondack Railroad Polar Express ride is postponed for 2020. The Adirondack Railroads principal concern has always been the safety of their guests but that has taken a wholly different meaning this year as the world attempts to stare down a barely visible enemy. The Board of directors has worked hard to balance financial obligations with the need to run trains and have chosen to make the highest priority the safety of their guests and therefore postponed the Polar Express.

“We appreciate the support of our guests over the years and the polar attraction has become a special event for many. The percentage of repeat riders is very high and has been viewed by us as a sign of success. We have chosen this course to assure the safety of our riders, to demonstrate a responsible approach to the problem, and to assure that the quality of the product will not be compromised by the constraints of the current situation.” Says Bill Branson, President of the Adirondack Railway Preservation Society.  “This will also set the stage for a successful 2021 season.”

The Adirondack Railroad will offer the following to guests:

  1. Leave your 2020 reservation with us for use in 2021. A special pre-opening week will be set aside for current ticket holders to choose dates and seating, and open only to current ticket
  2. Leave the reservation with us but transfer it to another familymember
  3. Seek a refund for the 2020 tickets you havepurchased
  4. Donate all or part of your ticket purchase to the railroad as a tax-deductible

The Adirondack Railroad requests that current customers respond with your decision before December 15th to Polar2021@adirondackrr.com. As soon as we receive information from the licensing company a site will be established to display a tentative 2021 polar calendar.

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