A man has been arrested, accused of impersonating a police officer.

On July 21, an off-duty Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputy in an unmarked car came across a disabled motorist. As the deputy assessed the scene, he said he saw a Dodge Charger with flashing red and blue lights come up to the scene and stop to talk to the driver of the disabled vehicle.

The off-duty officer noticed the vehicle had what appeared to be a radar unit, camera, and bars on the back windows. The vehicle also had registration plates out of Ohio.

The off-duty officer then got out of his vehicle and approached the driver of the Dodge Charger and identified himself as an Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputy. When the deputy questioned the driver of the Charger about who he worked for, the driver at first didn’t respond, but later indicated he was a bounty hunter.

At that time, the sheriff’s officer traffic enforcement unit arrived, along with the Waterford Township Police Department, and found an unloaded shotgun and unloaded pellet gun in the trunk of the Charger. They also found body armor, portable radios, a gun belt with Taser and handcuffs. A loaded 9mm pistol was also found between the front seats and had a round in the chamber, officials said. The driver of the Charger had a bail bondsman badge clipped to his waist.

Deputies said the suspect, identified as Charles Molina, 22, of Waterford Township, said he works for a bail bond company out of Royal Oak, but did not have documentation to prove it. He was able to show proof of a valid Concealed Pistol License. He also claimed to have just bought the vehicle in Ohio and had not yet transferred his name.

Investigators also said there had been numerous calls about a vehicle similar to this on other days in the area, but the vehicle had not been located. Additionally, officials say there is information he has driving with the lights and sirens activated in other areas.

Molina was charged with use/possession of flashing lights, which is a 90-day misdemeanor.

The sheriff’s office is asking for help in identifying other potential citizens who may have had an encounter with Molina in recent months. If you have been pulled over or have information related to this individual, please contact Sgt. Richard Hubble at (888) TURN-1-IN.

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