By Natalie Williams

Beard of Wisdom

Oh, Beard of Wisdom
I call on thee
to advise on
how to proceed.

Now, others – they have called to me
to help with their strifes

But when it comes to legal stuff
I do what I can, with what I know
Your knowledge could save lives

A writer’s pen, a strident voice
some legal skills I know.

But you – They shrink from
Your skills astound
they fright from your bark,
and back off surround

Experience, and Wisdom for sure
A moral spine, that is your cure
You fight those devils with wit and flare
I’m glad to know that you are there.

© 2020 Natalie M. Williams


To the Owner of 14 Steuben Park; Utica, New York 13501
from your Neighbor across the parking lot at 18 Steuben Park

They Paved Paradise; Will You Kill All Life? 

A Robin seen – on Asphalt, by a thin stand of trees;
This sliver is all that’s left, of a forest you see…

An indication that life, does go on.
I hear; a “land lord” wants to cut the trees;                                                                    if so – what lord of the land could he ever be?
The reason – “his garage” is being pressed by a growing tree.

Is it not wiser to simply cut a branch; yet let most life exist?
What, point, what reason? Which rational mind contorts to conclude this?

And what of the small stand of trees; which will allow the Robin a habitat?
Being mournful of such pending loss; I still think of that.

Trees shelter, yah, and give it life; and us as well; in fact…
Don’t ‘Owners’ think – beyond selfishness; and consider the life to be lost?
When they cut and count the money – of what Mother Nature alone has brought?

“Cut Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face”; a habitat “removed”
a concrete desert cannot replace a forest; but it could be your tomb…

“They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot”. Yes, this is what you’d do
I ask, I plead, I make the case – Reconsider; so that others may live too.

Enamor Nature, Green Space and Shade – Recall Biology
These trees provide us oxygen, and take up CO2; see
Is it not enough for you – and for the Robin too?

The soil will absorb excess water, the tree stand will block traffic.
You’ve got a perfect fence right here; if only you would see it.

Why not work with what you have; What Nature took centuries to make.
For you will love life far more; if you first give, before you take.

That way, it’s Win-Win; Life Renews… Your parking lot in place;
A little sanctuary, still preserved; so life too, has a space.

© April 15, 2020. Natalie M. Williams

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