MVHS has just furloughed and terminated over 130 additional front line healthcare workers. People are already at their breaking point and unable to care for their patients appropriately. This is not just nursing. This is social work, case management, dietary, housekeeping, healthcare technicians, respiratory therapist, radiology technicians. The list goes on. Many people were sent a letter via certified mail which is over $26 per letter, letting them know they had until noon the following day to respond to whether they wanted to attempt to bump another person within their bargaining unit or if they wanted to part from the organization. If they did not respond by that time they would be terminated. Most people were given less than 24 hours to respond and the Human Resources department not even picking up the phone.  Your community hospital is being taken apart one by one. It gets worse by the day. Patients are suffering, workers are suffering, families are suffering. Our local politicians indicate that there is little that they can do. Then why have they been elected? I urge you as community members to continue to reach out, join with the MVHS family to save our hospitals. We need to partner with the community right now before it’s too late. We need to hear your voices. The politicians need to hear your voices. Darlene Stromstad needs to hear your voices right now.

This is not about Covid, this is about consolidation for the purpose of moving into the downtown hospital. They are using Covid as a guise.  Not a single other hospital in our area has seen any sort of difficulty like we have. The administration may have fooled many at first but the gigs up and it couldn’t be more obvious.


Lily Werenczak


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