By Peter Bianco

August 2nd update:

This article had 290,547 views on June 8th since then it was deleted. August 2nd it was re posted.

April 6th update:

Dr. Didier Raoult has now treated 1000 coronavirus patient with 99.3% success rate

Update: There are other promising therapies using IV vitamin C, and one using interferon. See links at the end of this article. Also see the latest French study.

An independent group of scientists and physicians have been working on an open-data clinical trial. Open-data is almost completely un-utilized in clinical trials. When trial data is not public it allows researchers working for pharmaceutical companies to selectively publish studies highlighting the virtues of a drug while concealing the results that would otherwise illuminate it’s harmful effects.

This open-data clinical trial has been peer-reviewed and was published on March 18th, 2020. The trial started early this month and concluded March 16th. All patients in the study were confirmed to have COVID-19. The test to confirm the presence of the virus was a PCR assay. A total of 36 patients were enrolled; 26 of them received 600mg of hydroxychloroquine daily and 16 were control patients. These 16 did not want to use the drugs offered in this protocol.

Only 6 patients in the trial received both hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. All 6 were cured of COVID-19. This is exciting news especially because these are both affordable generic drugs.

Hydroxychloroquine is an antimalarial drug which is an effective synthetic substitute for natural quinine. Quinine is a compound found in the bark of Cinchona trees native to Peru and was the previous drug of choice against malaria. Hydroxychloroquine has broad-spectrum activity against a range of bacterial, fungal and viral infections .

Chloroquine is one of the most prescribed drugs worldwide and re-purposing was explored against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other viruses associated with inflammation and was found to be efficient in inhibiting their replication cycle.

In test tubes chloroquine seems versatile in the number of viruses it can inhibit. In these cases it shows antiviral activity against rabies, polio, HIV, herpes simplex, hepatitis A, B and C, influenza A and B, H5N1, Zika and Ebola virus. These results, however, are not always reproduced in clinical trials depending on the disease, the concentration of chloroquine used, the duration of treatment and the clinical team in charge of the trial.

The viral load of the patients was tested daily in a hospital setting using nasopharyngeal swabs. Six days into the trial, 70% of hydroxychloroquine-treated patients were cured of the virus compared with 12.5% in the control group.








Among hydroxychloroquine-treated patients, six patients also received azithromycin also known as Z-Pak, which is a type of antibiotic. Azithromycin has been shown to be active in test tubes against Zika and Ebola viruses and to prevent severe respiratory tract infections when administrated to patients suffering viral infection.

It seems the addition of azithromycin was not the core protocol, but was given to patients  at the doctors discretion to prevent bacterial super-infection.  The six patients who received it took 500mg on the first day followed by 250mg a day for the next four days.

At day-6 of the study, 100% of patients treated with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin combination were cured of the virus compared with 57.1% in patients treated with hydroxychloroquine only, and 12.5% in the control group.

As you can see Azithromycin added to hydroxychloroquine was significantly more efficient for virus elimination.

This study shows efficient clearing of viral load in only three to six days, for most patients. Even by day three of the treatment, a significant improvement was observed. Compare this to a study from China which shows the average duration of viral shedding in patients suffering from COVID-19 in China was 20 days with longest duration being 37 days.

The authors conclude the study by saying “Our study has some limitations including a small sample size, limited long-term outcome follow-up, and dropout of six patients from the study, however in the current context, we believe that our results should be shared with the scientific community.”

See Didier Raoult, M.D., Ph.D. talk about the study here.


As far back as 2005 researchers knew Chloroquine was effective against SARS coronavirus. A study was published in Virology Journal titled ‘Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread’.

Updates of therapies:

Using IV vitamin C to treat COVID-19

Hasidic doctor in NYC helping COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine until NY banned the use of it. A move that was later reversed.

Cuba uses Interferon Alpha 2B against COVID-19. The cure was initiated by Cuban Drs, healing 1,500 Chinese in January in Wuhan Province.

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  1. Is it necessary to add the zinc with it also? Thank you for re-posting the information that so many of us have heard about only to have our hopes dashed as it’s pulled away from us time and again. I would like to post this in my FB posts for everyone I know are frustrated by the lack of something to beat the Coronavirus till the vaccines ready. And again, thank you, you give us all hope for most of us( we’re on disability) can’t afford the more expensive meds. We also have underlying health issues and are most vulnerable to COVID-19. We can rest easier knowing that there are still doctors that care about the less fortunate. May God bless you doctor!! I know we do!!

    • It is actually the Zinc that prevents the virus from reproducing, but our cells don’t naturally allow zinc to do it’s thing. That’s where HCQ comes in, it enables the zinc to penetrate our cells more efficiently. Once the cells have plenty of zinc and vitamin D, the virus doesn’t stand a chance.

      • MojaveGreen,
        Dr. Fareed, a Brawley, California physician has successfully used this as part of a COVID19 “cocktail” to treat patients. He testified before a Congressional committee recently as to how it works.
        The common mistake is to prescribe HCQ with an antibiotic. That is not enough. HCQ is the “gun.” Zinc is the “bullet.”
        Be well.

    • You all can say bullsh**t to this but you’re all being fooled. I had COVID and u wanna know how I’m still alive with many health issues?? Freaking antibiotics!! It cures it all. Which means the people saying it can’t be cured and we need vaccinations are full of crap!!! I am living proof! And if I’m not enough I was not alone there was someone else who lives with me and he got it too and we had it together and he also has health issues. Guess what antibiotics it works just like any other freaking infection. I was on z packs 2x cuz it came back. He was on some other antibiotics 2x and we are both 100% better. So idk what’s in the hydrochloroquine but maybe whatever antibiotic he took was same. But regardless we are both living proof this COVID is no worse than the flu which way more people die of and we do not have to be vaccinated and I never would anyway because it’s dumb. I was vaccinated as a child and I’ll be darned if I didn’t get nearly everything I was vaccinated against!!! What the flip? How exactly did that help guard against me catching it if I caught it full blown right after I got a shot!? Hmm… sounds fishy to me.

    • Dr(?) Michael. Please explain what brought you to this conclusion, how many COVID-19 patients you have treated and please cite your references.

  2. Quinine (chloroquine) was given to thousand & thousands of troops who served in the Far East during WWII. Never read a single article that identified it as a ‘dangerous’ drug for the troops.

  3. Has this information been forwarded to the US CDC? Has there been any of the treatments suggested used here in the USA ?
    At this point (virus is rampant and no cure or vaccine is expected for months/years away). Why are we still falling behind the eight ball? I see the problems with our leader as non leadership. We don’t have anyone of our capable leaders that are willing or able to lead this nation to clear the pandemic!

  4. Since this small study, pr Raoult has published 2 more study one with 1086 pattient and one with 3600 patient on its way, both show that their mortality is around 1% or 5 times less than the standard work.
    This first level small study was just a test to see if it works. The 2 others are results over the next 3 months.
    The HCQ+AZ treatment cost less than $20, they both are well known generic drugs used by millions of patient
    The opposition of the big pharma company in association of the FDA and CDC did anything they coild to discredit the chloroquine, the method, the doctor and unfortunatelly the politics because the president happened to mention it.

  5. I think that the fight against Trump and politics of election is part of the reason a science based country as huge as USA is unable to quickly fully test this cheap option. SAD!
    If a man has over 98% chance of dying and is offered the chance that reduces this chance to less than 20%, he will be a big fool not to grab it.
    My suggestion is that the authorities should back off, and let each patience and his family decide what they want in consultation with their chosen doctors. This will likely save us for now. We can resume our brouhaha after Covid

  6. SMH!Hydroxychloroquine has been scientifically tested in several controlled studies by reputable doctors/scientists & has been proven ineffective against COVID-19!I don’t understand why people would rather believe in “doctors” who also say dreaming of witches & demons is why women have gynecological diseases than experts who have years of specialized education & experience & are working night & day to combat this vicious virus.The misinformation being spread from the President & all these conspiracy theorists is dangerous,irresponsible, & reprehensible & can be deadly.This isn’t a joke or a “plandemic”.This deadly disease has infected so many people in every country on our planet where there’s a community the virus can get a toe hold.It isn’t a hoax & it isn’t the flu.It wasn’t man made in a Chinese laboratory & released on purpose for any reason.You can easily find major pandemics throughout the history of the world that seem to break out on a fairly regular schedule & this COVID-19 fits into that pattern.It’s a natural occurrence that unfortunately we must endure as best we are able.Hopefully we will have found a cure for these diseases in time for the next round but until we do,we must do what we know that works to keep our chances as low as possible to stay safe & healthy.Good hygiene like hand washing,wearing a mask,social distancing,staying home as much as possible for our personal circumstances are all good sound advice.Common sense is also high on that list.Myself,I look at all the solid facts & evidence on this & although I’m a firm believer in freedom of choice,there’s a fine line when someone else’s choice affects my freedom of staying healthy.Some people believe that taking HCQ is a preventative medicine & it keeps them from being infected so they don’t believe they need to wear a mask or other protections.That’s fine for you but it’s not good for me or my loved ones.I would just ask everyone to research ALL the studies on this medication with an open mind and not just the studies & results that you wish to hear.It should be up to every one of us to remember that we are all responsible for those around us,even if they are strangers.

  7. My husband & I had Corvid19. It went to our lungs & turned in to Pneumonia. Mine resolved without any meds but my husband is still dealing with shortness of breath & needs oxygen to bring up his sats. He has diabetes.
    He was treated with pulmocort inhaler & AZ initially which did not help & ended up in ICU.
    Was not offered HCQ. This virus hits everyone differently. My daughter had tested positive 2 different times & all she had was aches, runny nose for 3 days then that resolved. She has no underlying health issues. This virus is vicious.

  8. I hear all these agencies tell us how dangerous this is all of a sudden. Yet anytime you watch TV these medical commercials come on telling you how great this drug helps this problem. At the end they tell you we can save your life on this disease but it will kill you 20 different ways. HCQ-AZ-Z have been non lethal for 60 years but doctors get their license pulled for using it or rallying for it.

  9. I have read about the combination drug cure for months. I am a retired adult nurse practitioner. I am sickened and disgusted by the treatment of these early and later onset cv-19 patients. The patient for me has always come first. That is not the case here. There are known cures and yet there is collusion among doctors, scientists, researchers, pharmacists etc who have a much different agenda. I am ashamed, depressed and embarrassed by their lack of caring for the most important person, the patient.

  10. There are currently 53 reported studies showing HCQ as very effective against the Corona Virus and only 9 showing it as ineffective. Guess who did the studies that show it ineffective? These studies were set up to fail. The use of known over doses to cause heart arythmias! It is criminal behavior and they all have financial motivation to keep the cure under raps or they won’t be able to mandate the vaccine for all! Just follow the money!

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