Four gyms in different locations along the I-90 corridor have formed an alliance called the I-90 Corridor Association that provides a reciprocal arrangement for their membership. The collaboration extends from Buffalo to Albany and opens membership access to all four fitness centers. The participating facilities are the Fitness Mill in the Utica area, ABC Sports & Fitness in Albany, Blood Iron Barbell in Syracuse, and Elite Fitness & Personal Training in Buffalo.

Current members of each of these facilities will now have access to all the gyms. The concept was the idea of Fitness Mill owner, Alex Carbone, who said; “The current members of any of these great gyms now have access to all of the gyms. It’s perfect for anyone who travels to any of the areas served by our participating facilities, so they don’t have to neglect their workout routine while on the road.”

Each of the participating facilities are full-service gyms offering a variety of fitness opportunities from machines, free weights and training classes. “It’s ‘One for all and all for one.’” said Carbone.

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