During life under social distancing, social media — and Instagram in particular — has helped keep many of us connected to friends, family, and even workout routines, but there are other accounts that have also supported our wellness through more humorous efforts. For Latinxs, one such platform is Perreo Pandémico, a hilarious Instagram account remixing our fave reggaetón and trap en español hits into coronavirus-specific jams that keep us laughing and dancing through frightening and uncertain times.

The page first hit feeds on March 20, when creator Christine Amy posted a simple, peach-colored meme that read “Desinfectando a la Yal,” an obvious reference to Puerto Rican reggaetón duo Zion y Lennox’s 2004 album Motivando a la Yal. From there, the page, which now has nearly 4,600 followers, has consistently produced scintillating memes for all of us perreando solas en casa.

“It started as a way to channel anxiety by bringing people some much-needed laughs,” Christine told POPSUGAR. “Today, my goal is for the account to become a source for musical inspiration and information, humor, positivity and support for meaningful causes.”

The Puerto Rican advertising creative lost her job due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and found herself coping through comedy and reggaetón, a special fusion she thought others who might also be struggling with job, financial, and health insecurities could benefit from as well.

“Much like reggaetón itself, Pandémico is an ode to Puerto Rican resilience,” Christine said. “No matter how troubling the times and circumstances, turning peril into a party is our birthright. We fight back with passion, courage and humanity, and never forget to stop and smell the pernil. Whether musically, gastronomically, artistically or even in quirky meme form, Puerto Rican resilience can inspire the world to keep their chin up and stay strong.”

If you, too, are searching for some inspo (or funny distractions), keep scrolling to take a look at some of our favorite Perreo Pandémico memes.


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