Erin Corrigan (Garden Coordinator)

The days have gotten long and the community gardens are really starting to pop! I am feeling the chance to catch my breath and start to enjoy our efforts as the work in the garden transitions into maintaining and harvesting from the rush to prep and plant beds.
We are so grateful for so much wonderful amount of community support and participation. All the beds at Linwood are full between individual and community beds. Jay street is coming back to life after some years of being underused and most of the beds are reclaimed and will be providing an abundance of food again.
This has truly been a community effort!We’ve had volunteers building bed boxes, donating plants, weeding, filling beds with soil, planting, watering, harvesting, and eating!!
A big thanks to the fire department as well for filling our water tanks. And a big thanks to Truly and Ian who have been spending most evenings during our dry weather keep all the plants growing. If anyone is able to help contribute with the watering please contact us, we could always use more hands.
So far we’ve been harvesting spring onions, basil, spinach, kale, collards, turnips, radishes, lettuce, and mint. The food has been going to garden participants, streets passersby, the hope house, and For The Good staff and visitors.
Every Tuesday we have a community garden work day, in the gardens on Linwood Place from 10-1, and Jay St from 1:30-4. We warmly welcome anyone who wants to participate. We also welcome anyone who is in need of fresh local veggies to come by and take some of the harvest home!
The garden is still a wonderful safe space for social distancing as the gardens are large and we can easily work with much distance between each other.
Come join us!!
Also new and in the works is going to be Tuesday Evenings in The Garden from 6:30-8pm in the Linwood Place gardens. We will be starting July 14th with an introduction to medicinal herbs in the garden with local herbalist Lisa Fazio. This will be a time for education, empowerment, and sharing of knowledge and skills related to growing and using food and medicine.
We would like to encourage anyone in the community who has experience to share to reach out to Erin- erindancor@gmail.com about signing up for a night or simply come by on Tuesday night!
This is free and open to everyone but we encourage non-BIPOC individuals to bring a donation to support For The Good. Thanks for reading, Be well and Much Love. Erin

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