“Letting Go”
Written by Willijah Dawson

There’s a picture floating around on the internet with a quote that reads “Sometimes holding on does more damage then letting go.” In the picture you see a hand struggling to hold on to rope … there’s 3 separate pictures of this hand. The first shows that the rope is causing tension and is bruising the wrist area. The second picture shows the hand releasing the rope. The third picture shows a free hand that is no longer holding on .. in the picture you can see that the redness around the wrist area is gone.
When something no longer serves you and you’ve concluded you’ve done all that you could or that its not adding any value to your life. You need to let go. For some it could be a A dead-end job, Taking on to many responsibilities, a marriage/relationship that is over, Negantive friends/family, an activity that is not benefiting your life, etc.
Before making any rash decisions its always important to stop, reflect and do some serious soul searching to ensure you are making the right choice (this does not include obvious things that you need to let go of such as abuse, activities that cause self-harm.. there should be no hesitation when it comes to these things, let it go).When I reach a point in my life where I know a decision needs to be made .. I will ask myself some of the following questions:
1) Ask yourself where are you going? What are you doing with you life? What are your goals? Is this thing/person helping you reach those goals or supporting the life you want to live. If dealing with a person are you enriching their live?
2) Are you happy with yourself, do you have some inner weaknesses that you need to work out? Are you the whole complete person you want to be? If dealing with a person, are they working towards the betterment of themselves?
3) Does this thing/person cause your more pain/unhappiness then happiness?
4) Can you live without this person or thing? If not why not?
5) Imagine a life without this thing or person, when you think about it do you feel that eventually withtime you would be better off?After asking yourself some of t these questions and sincerely answering them… give your self some time and come back to them.. continue repeating these steps until you are confident that letting go is the best option… Some things are easier to let go then others. Be sure you will not regret your decision… Accept the decision that you are making… and begin the journey to the next page in your book.

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