ThriveFit Coaching is pleased to announce the release of a video series on mental performance training for the month of May. CEO and ThriveFit Coaching founder, Emily Wallis will present 4 mini-coaching sessions focused on strategies that train mental performance to boost motivation, consistency and willpower. This series is intended to provided viewers with specific and practical skillsets, behaviors and strategies to help them acheive their individual health & fitness goal by getting started on developing an elite mindset.

In session one coach Emily will share a tool for habit consistence development and breaking down internal resistance to taking action on goals. Session two focus on a technique for developing a growth mindset. In session coach Emily will teach a reboot activity she promotes to help clients recalibrate every Sunday and strategize their wins for the week ahead and the final session will be on developing discipline and self-control though a specific technique and a breathing exercise.

For more information, please contact Emily Wallis at 315-525-3134, email or visit ThriveFit Coaching website at



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