By C. Harris-Lockwood

It began waking with a sniffle and a cough on Wednesday the  March 18th. I had the good fortune to already have had an appointment scheduled with my doctor, Dr. Redner, at the Falcon Clinic. I called ahead to let them know I had awakened with some symptoms. I was instructed to come in, I would be given a mask and asked to wash my hands. All of which I did.

I didn’t really feel bad and all of my vitals were good. I happened to ask for my temperature to be taken. It was 96 which is low, unusually low. I did continue to wear the mask I was given.

I  noticed that I was chilly in the office that day and the next as my symptoms gradually began to increase. The cough became more frequent and deeper.

I had been taking all of my regular vitamin and mineral supplements and a homeopathic remedy designed to boost resistance to COvid-19 so, I increased the frequency.

By the end of the day Thursday it was clear. I was coughing too much to be around the office and it was no ordinary cold. I was sick and decided to self-quarantine. After speaking to my doctor, via teleconference, he recommended that I continue to treat my symptoms at home. This is a situation many may find themselves in or even a family member.

While at home I worked on the computer and coughed up light yellow phlegm and became aware of a crackle deep in my lungs, a symptom I had never experienced. My nose was runny, my throat was itchy and scratchy and the cough was deep and more frequent. My temperature was 100.7 and it never went over 101.1 for the duration.

By the following Saturday March 28, or ten days later, I was not getting any sicker but I was getting sick of the cough. It wasn’t as deep but it continued. I had a telemed conference with Dr. Redner and he prescribed me a steroid and a cough suppressant. I completed the 5 days on the drugs which gave my body time to continue to fight the infection while greatly reducing the symptoms.

After two weeks my symptoms are all but gone. I successfully treated myself, and my husband with complementary medicine and decided to write up the various methods I used for self-home care in the hopes that they may help others should they or a family member fall ill to one form or another of Covid-19.

I was never formally diagnosed with Covid-19. Dr. Redner acknowledged that I was fighting ‘an infectious process.’ It was one I had never experienced before. I have never been diagnosed with pneumonia so I can only think that the crackle and web I felt in my lungs was some version of pneumonia. I’ve had bronchitis before and it wasn’t like that.

Basic Supplementation: As I have shared on the Hot Seat and written about many times, supplements are vital for good health. Anyone who doesn’t or tells you otherwise will probably die of malnutrition. If your body has to fight you’ll want it to have the greatest strength and you’ll get that from the best nutrition possible.

Vitamin C is vital – at least 2000mg per day for immune system support
Vitamin D3 – at least 2000mg per day for immune system support
Magnesium –  at least 400mg per day for the most commonly deficient mineral in humans
Fish oil Omega 3– supports, brain, heart, joints and gut health
Multi vitamin – one a day for overall health
Zinc –  at least 30 mg per day for support for viral invasion

Your supplements are best taken with a meal so that your body recognizes them as food.

When your throat is sore and you’re needing a boost this concoction beats back the discomfort and will lessen the cough.

The AC Vinegar Cocktail – at least one of these a day
2 Tablespoons of AC vinegar in a cup
1Tblsp of honey, A few good dashes of Cinnamon, Cayenne pepper ginger and garlic, minced raw if possible, and make it spicy. Add ½ cup of hot water. Or use the juice of a lemon with all of the above instead of the AC vinegar (at night add a shot of brown whiskey or bandy)

Herbal expectorant teas as needed
Comfrey or elecampane or horehound tea or a combination of all three

The Homeopathic Combination Remedy – Working with the understanding that Covid-19 is a combination of multiple viruses including the flu, I combined the best homeopathic remedies for battling the flu, all kinds of flu, and put them into a water bottle. Husband  and I had our own bottles which we would replenish with water and remedy on a daily basis. With homeopathy. less is more so, our water was constantly supporting our health as we went through the disease process.

The Traditional Homeopathic Cold and Flu Remedies combined for daily dosing
Arsenicum Album –Spasmodic unproductive cough, can’t catch breath, wheezing, asthma, wakes at 3 in the morning in coughing fit. This remedy was recommended by Indian homeopaths as a prophylaxis for Covid- 19

Bryonia– splitting headache, nose bleeds when blown, eyes hurt and look glassy, lips dry, very thirsty, may be nauseous, throat dry, scraped sore, hoarse with dry hacking cough, pneumonia, worse with movement, not hungry, pain in nape of neck and small of back. Chill on outside, hot inside body. Sweats profusely upon slight exertion, especially at night.
Eupatorium – throbbing headache top of head, sore throat and chest, bronchitis, thirsty, hoarse, heat with fever alternating with sweating, cracks in corners of mouth, hands and wrists hurt, exhaustion.
Gelsemium – Headache, neck and shoulders hurt, dizzy, eyes hurt, eyes watery, face hurts, runny nose, head congestion, sneezing, coughing fits, head congestion, bronchitis, diarrhea, cold with fever, cannot get warm
Hydrastis – Sneezing, headache top of head, intense sinus pressure, runny nose, stuffy-runny nose, goopy eyes, stuffed ears post nasal drip, sore throat, clearing throat, harsh coughing and raw chest with congestion, no appetite, painful diarrhea, lethargy, fever with chills and always exhaustion (Type B flu)
Ipepcacuanha– “The Stomach Bug” No appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, eyes inflamed, bad cough, bronchitis, lethargy.
Kali Bichromicum – lingering cough after a cold, laughing causes cough
Lycopodium – Gradual onset, throbbing headache after cough, headache over eyes, eyelids red, nose runny and stuffy, teeth sore, night cough, dry throat, not thirsty
Mercurius – severe sore throat hurts in ears on swallowing, sneezing, headache on one side, eyelids red and swollen, sores on tongue or in mouth, much saliva, severe sore throat with intense burning, intense thirst, heat and cold alternating in fever, much perspiration.
Phosphorus – Sudden onset, dizzy, nose bleeds, nervous, forehead feels too tight, vision effected, nostrils flare, hungry, food comes up, hoarse, worse in evening, hard dry racking cough, lung congestion, pneumonia, chest tight painful, heat between shoulders, cold with fever
Flu Stop, Influenzinum or Oscillococcinum – general flu complaints including body aches, lethargy and headache.
All of these complaints can settle into the chest into a bronchitis or pneumonia. We put a humidifier in the bedroom at night which helped a lot.

The Hair Dryer Technique
Dr. Dan Lee Dimke wrote a book in 1984 called Conquer the Common Cold and the Coronavirus. He states that the Coronavirus cannot withstand sustained heat above 133`F. He explains that it implants in the sinuses which is the coolest space in the body and that by sustaining heat in the sinuses for 5 minute twice in an hour will kill the virus.
This is done by breathing in the muffled heat from a hair dryer and turning it away when you exhale. He suggests that you spray your face with a water bottle in between breaths but my husband and I used a wet wash cloth to cool our faces between treatments.
I tell you that it didn’t cure me of the whole disease but it got rid of my scratchy throat and drippy nose. I think it was like cutting off one of the heads of a many heads snake. And I was grateful. A friend was doing the hair dryer technique upon returning home after being out ‘in the world.’

Which version of the virus do you have? There are at least two. There is the respiratory complaint and the gastrointestinal complaint. Then there’s the Type B flu that’s still around and messing with people.

My husband had the gastrointestinal complaints. I had the respiratory version. In both case, the symptoms did not easily yield to homeopathy as expected but kept the severity and duration of the illness in check.

Once I realized we actually had quite different symptoms, I began treating with specific remedies. For him it was Ipecacuanha 200C 3 times a day and pascalite clay in water once a day. You can use bentonite if you don’t have pascalite. Any kind of bioculture or flora that you can include will be helpful as well, especially helpful.

For me it was Phosphorus 200C and I continued on my Comfrey, Elecampane, Horehound and Sage tea daily. The fresh Sage I happened to find at the Compassion Coalition. We both continued to sip our remedy water daily.

Good food is important. Do your best to eat well. When you’re sick it’s not so important how much you eat but what you eat. Fresh and raw is important and juicing is ideal. Your elimination is critical to remove toxins and one of the symptoms of the respiratory version of this is constipation.

So I have found fighting this virus different than any other pathogen I have ever encountered. It is powerful and tenacious. In my body I felt as though it didn’t so much progress through the healing process in an orderly manner. It was as though there were continual relapses. The sore throat would come back again and again. And the mucous just kept coming in small measure.

With homeopathy I am accustomed to getting over one set of symptoms, progressing to another through the healing process to wellness. Like sneezing turns to sore throat, turns to coughing turns to congestion, fever emerges, fever gets better, congestion gets better coughing lightens, head clears up, you’re well again. A homeopathic remedy can speed you through the healing process in a matter of hours.

With the added GOF on this virus it sticks even longer. The pneumonia lingers. The light phlegm persists. With homeopathy, I am accustomed to vanquishing colds and flus within days. This thing wasn’t going anywhere fast.

Bottom line, there’s nothing you can put in your body that is going to heal you. Your body has to heal you. Your job is to give your body everything it needs to heal and get out of the way and let it happen. Strengthen your immune system so that it can fight.

Your Diet is Imperative
Your food can be your medicine or it can be the death of you. And when you’re sick sometimes it’s not so important how much you eat but what you eat. Especially those who have little or no appetite.

Your energy has to be there to do it too so, get your rest. Your body has to have the energy to fight and heal so tone down the other stuff, including digesting big heavy cooked meals. Eating raw foods preserves the digestive enzymes needed for your body to process your meal.

I highly recommend adhering to your ideal blood type diet. Not a bunch of junk. Not a bunch of hollow calories. In fact juice fasting is ideal. With a juice fast, your body gets high level, high enzyme nutrition without having to work very hard to get it. We found that a few days of juicing really helped clear the lingering effects of the virus.

Plain old carrot juice is fine but adding enzyme rich beets for their liver support, daikon for its ability to clear mucous, fresh raw turmeric, ginger and horseradish was a powerful combination. Watch out for the horseradish. A little goes a long way.

So there you have it. Again, I was never diagnosed but then again have never encountered such an illness. I expect it was the Covid-19 and myself and my husband both well over 65 and 75 managed to stay relatively comfortable at home using these methods.

I hope our readers can make use of some portion or all of this information. Actually, I hope you never have to use it. Stay home. Stay Safe. Stay Well.

Lockwood Law


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