By Mikasha Dawson

I’ve been an emotional wreck since losing my 15-year-old daughter Bianca!  Before I could move forward with my life I had to pull it together by putting one foot in front of the other.   Immediately following my loss I  went to my doctor’s office and from there shortly after went to see a counselor.  I knew if I did not take these steps I would have been institutionalized.

My thoughts and despair were taking over fast and they were definitely getting the best of me. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I was having all sorts of confusion and scary visions. I needed to do something and fast.

I started going to support groups and meetings for parents who had lost a child, but it wasn’t much help. I later joined a running group, a small crowd of people who became good friends.  We ran and talked about everything.

I felt the weariness of my heart being lifted and there was a small window of determination to live again.

I realized even if I talked a little about my tragedy and power-walked and ran at the same time it was the best thing and the very thing towards my recovering from the tragic loss of my beloved child.

The thing was we had nothing in common when it comes to grieving and losing someone that means the world to oneself.  After enduring and seeing the worst and unimaginable fate for me it was very hard to sit around a table and spill out my feelings on grieving.

We are uneasy to begin with. I felt very nervous, hurt beyond words and very anxious. I found that running and being able to express my bottled up sad emotions at the same time was a breakthrough and the kind of support I very much needed.

To be able to walk/run with families who are going through this awful turn in our lives and to share our pain is what I would love to start doing.  They say exercise and running releases endorphins in our brains and also gets our heart pumping and does something healthy for our bodies.

Exercise helps breakaway, breakdown and breakthrough some of our burdens and helps us to sleep better, function better, etc. We are Bee-rieving for perseverance, strength and life for grieving parents, grandparents, siblings and families in dedication for my Bee loved Bee Rose.  Lets Bee strong towards Running out of Grief. Will you join me?


Willijah: The Bee Rose Foundation is looking to begin several support groups with our first attempt being one that involves walking and running.  We would like to hear the thoughts from our community on whether or not this is something you would like to see? If so please complete our survey. The survey can be found on our website:


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