6:30pm at The Other Side 2011 Genesee Street.

This months herbal study group Erin Corrigan with share her experience and
relationship to working with Biodynamic Agriculture on vegetable farms and
medicinal herb gardens and how this connects with herbalism. Biodynamics is
an agricultural framework of our interconnection with all beings both
earthly and cosmic and how we engage in working in harmony with these

Erin experiences this approach to farming and gardening to resonate
strongly with an intuitive sense based relationship to plants found within
the herbal community and that they have much to offer one another.

Some ideas and practices that will be discussed are:
-A brief history of biodynamics
-How biodynamics uses herbal preparations to enhance the vitality and
consciousness of the plants, animals, and human beings who consume them
-How biodynamics works with seasonal, lunar, and cosmic rhythms
-An engagement with mindfulness, mediation, and a recognition of that which
is beyond (or possibly better framed as behind or within) the physical
-Ways that a sacred, relationship based approach to growing food and
medicine lives beyond biodynamics and exists in many cultures and places

There will be time at the end for group discussion. All are welcome.
$5 suggested donation.

Lockwood Law


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