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At the most recent Democratic debate the candidates began to touch on the lack of women in American government.

As our representative system of government is based upon the ways of our First Nation neighbors, the Haudenoshaunee, it is also true that what, ‘the Framers’ left out of our Constitution was not only the participation of women but also that of the faith keepers, out of our system of government as well.

In the Haudenoshaunee way, otherwise known as the Iroquois Six Nations, the Clanmothers chose the Chiefs. Each Clanmother and each Chief then choose two Faithkeepers, one male and one female. Therein lies a balanced foundation for leadership and decision making in society.

The Six Nations government was based upon a Matriarchal seat of power. What we have to contend with today is the Patriarchal model which makes no room for such inclusion of either the Divine Feminine or Divinity at all.

President Obama was quoted during the debate as saying that the world would be a better place if more women were involved in government. Agreed.

Andrew Yang, the only person of color on the debate stage, stated eloquently, “Our country is deeply misogynist. And most of all us know that. Money and men are tied together… The fact is strong societies would elect more female leaders. Strong men treat women well for the same reasons.

“I’m on the record saying that, “You need both strong men and female leaders in government. Because the fact is, if you get too many men alone and you leave us alone for too long, we kinda become morons.”

I believe this is what has happened to our nation. Too many men alone in government for too long has gotten us to this place.

When Bernie Sanders and others rail on challenging, “where power resides in America” and referencing the Oligarchy, it’s the Patriarchy that has made it all possible.

No one talks about the richest women in the world. It’s always the richest men because the men have shaped the system of government which we endure.

And the separation of church and state has had more of an impact than just making our government leaders religious neutral, it has succeeded in removing the expectation by our representatives to commit/submit to a higher power at the highest levels of our government. They swear on a Bible but, it’s the furthest they go. Our government lacks demonstration of morality and decency as a way of going.

There has always been an expectation in America for our leaders to govern with integrity or a moral compass instead of back room deals with a few men left to their own devices exchanging power and influence for raw hard cash. Remember Yang’s reference to men left alone amongst themselves for too long…

Can you imagine if all of the Democratic candidates were to be reoriented not as opponents but as collaborators in a Reformation of American government? What if all of them filled all of the Cabinet positions in the current system?

Of course this would mean a total conversion of our government but, all to become a ‘more perfect union,’ as the Framers intended.

All of these Democratic candidates are exceptional with likeminded intentions. Ideally, we should be able to benefit from all of their collective skills and wisdom, creativity and attributes instead of only one of them winning and the rest losers.

The Matriarchal model is more cooperative. The Patriarchal model is more competitive. The Matriarchal model is more collaborative than oligarchal, top down governing.

Consider this? We figure out a way to incorporate the power of women to work in cooperation with the power of men? Like equal. Like the Haudenoshaunee have managed to do for centuries.

As most 30 something females are the game changers in this upcoming election and support Bernie Sanders, let’s go with Sanders for president. Like how about we envision all of these Democratic candidates fleshing out the cabinet of this new administration? Sanders then chooses the next two in order, Biden and Warren for his Faithkeepers. See how it works?

Here’s a list of Cabinet placements Using the existing candidates. Note there are not a lot of women listed but the ones who originally chose to run for president have been included.

I’d put Kamala Harris as VP
Secretary of State Amy Kobechar …
Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Yang
Secretary of Defense Butigieg
Attorney General Corey Booker
Secretary of the Interior – Julian Castro
Secretary of Agriculture Michael Steyer
Secretary of Commerce Michael Bloomberg
HUD Beto O’Rourke
Homeland Security Patrick Duvall
Transportation YTBD
Energy YTBD
Education YTBD
United Nations YTBD
Veterans Affairs YTBD
Labor YTBD

It is yet to be determined as well, just what the Faithkeepers will do or exactly how they will function, but let’s say it’s their job to keep their respective representative on point when it comes to ethics and morality.

Recently, many African nations have overcome centuries of oppression of women by the Patriarchies of Islam and Christianity. The Queens, sometimes called the Queen Mothers, are returning to their rightful roles as co-leaders to the chiefs. Remarkable turnarounds in culture, commerce and economy have resulted.

One of the first things the Queen Mother of Ghana did was to ban child brides, allowing hundreds of girls to return to school, get their education and change the lives of themselves and their villages. Another collective decision by the African Queens Cultural Network is to eradicate the practice of Female Genital Mutilation. More women in government everywhere helps people everywhere.

We have grown so accustomed to the ways of the Patriarchy, we have no visiion, collective or otherwise, of humanity as more graceful, less warlike, less obsessed with winning and dominating than making the world a better place.

Simply take a look at the Republican Senators are who have had the courage to speak out against Trump and McConnell’s lock step on impeachment.

Sure, it’s a long way to the constitutional changes necessary to bring about this personnel and character change in our Constitution but it can’t happen without out the vision and the call for it.

So lets’ begin the process and think about the world as a better place and make sure re figure out how to get more women involved in the process.

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  1. CHL-
    I agree. Our country would be much better with women in charge. It would certainly be a kinder, more gentle place…I voted for you in 6th grade (was it for student council president?) and you lost. When you asked me if I had voted for you, I wouldn’t tell you…but I did vote for you and I was ashamed to admit I had voted for a girl. I am nearly 70 years old now and am proud to admit my support for women in every aspect, be it politics, equal pay, reproductive rights, respect and justice under the law…it just took me a few years to get here.
    P.S. I had a serious crush on you then…not a good reason to vote for you but it was the reason I did.

    • Chuck-
      How cute to hear from you and about that crush so long ago. Yes, the Iroquois, or Haudenoshaunee as they call themselves, have managed to avoid war and maintain their culture over the centuries when other tribes have sadly been vanquished. So pleased that you read the Phoenix. I was just remarking that I will be 69 this year, the year we graduated from high school.

      • Sandy- (do folks still call you Sandy?) We, as a nation, would do well to at least consider adopting some of the cultural traditions Native Americans have given to us. The Spiritual (‘god’ lives in nature, the land, the water, animals, etc.), the political (for lack of a better term) as you have described above…with ‘faithkeepers’ included, and Social traditions as well. Maybe young people would not be so attached to their electronic devices and would pay more attention to the people around them and see, hear, smell and be more involved with their environment. Of course, young women would certainly become motivated to get involved in government if they knew there was a better chance of being included.
        It is your brother, with whom I have recently been back in touch that told me about your newspaper. You are doing good work and I am proud to read it.
        -Chuck Fadel


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