by Joseph J. Jacob

Carlos Ghosn, a titan of the global automotive industry, recently fled Japan where he had been detained for more than a year, since November 2018, on charges of financial crimes that he has denied. He escaped Japan because he felt he could not have a fair trial and zero chance for acquittal, for their justice system is rigged and corrupt. Ghosn said, “I have not fled justice – I have escaped injustice and political persecution.”

Ghosn was honored in Japan for saving Nissan from bankruptcy . As a reward for saving Nissan, a small group of Nissan executives conspired against him, resulting in his arrest in his arrest.

Former Judge Hiroshi Segi grew so disenchanted with what he came to see as “corrupt” and “ugly” realities of a nation’s judicial system that after 30 years he quit the judgeship and became a professor of Meiji University Law School in 2012.

Segi told the Japan times that “the Japanese judiciary is extremely sheltered and full of bureaucratic elites.” And “in such a world, the principal of strict hierarchy reigns supreme, while any individuals who are liberal-minded and outspoken are purged.”

Segi also alleges a raft of “heavily biased personnel decisions” continued to permeate the top courts under the leadership of former supreme court justice Hironobu Takesaki.

Segi illustrated the long-alleged problem of collusion between judges and prosecutors. Under the system, judges tend to be biased against defendants, occasionally referring to them behind their backs as “Aitsura” or “Yatsura” (those bastards). He cautioned, “Such excessive reliance on the prosecution encourages miscarriages of justice.”

Former Judge Hiroshi Segi did an excellent job of exposing Japan’s corrupt judicial system to the whole world, and setting off unpleasant international criticism of Japan’s justice system.

The Ghosn saga exposed Japan’s non-transparent corporate governance and lack of legal due process to the whole world.

The Japanese government owes Carlos Ghosn, one of the most powerful and respected people in the business outside the US an apology for the bad treatment he received for fourteen months in custody and interrogation without his lawyers being present.

Joseph J. Jacob is a former corporate controller for Hamilton Digital Controls, Inc., former president of the National Association of Accountants in Mohawk Valley, former president of Upstate NY Regional Council of NAA and former National Director of NAA.

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