by Peter Bianco 1/10/2020

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“You have to understand Slotkin is CIA … once CIA always CIA.” said Francis A. Bolye, professor of international law, at the University of Illinois College of Law. “This is, sort of, the CIA’s War Powers Resolution backed up by Pelosi and the rest of the hardcore Democrats”, Boyle explained.

The House Resolution to “rein in” Trump’s War Powers was introduced by Elissa Slotkin (D-MI). Slotkin served as a CIA analyst and as a Department of Defense official. Boyle states that if you read through the resolution it’s riddled with so many holes that it really doesn’t restrain Trump from doing anything. And indeed Trump and Pompeo, attorney and secretary of state, would take advantage of that.

The Washington post has just revealed that the US military intended to assassinate another Iranian official in Yemen.

This news informs Boyle’s opinion that there is a far broader military operation than we were led to believe. Additionally, Boyle stated “The notion that this is some imminent threat is total baloney, no one believes that.” He compares these current lies to the ones dealing with weapons of mass destruction that started the US War in Iraq.

However another resolution was just unveiled by Ro Khanna (D-CA) and supported by Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Having read through it, in Boyle’s opinion, this resolution is fully consistent with the War Powers Clause of the constitution, the War Powers Resolution of 1973, and the UN Charter. This resolution stands a chance to actually limit the Presidents War Power and bring the decision of declaring war back to the Congress where it belongs, according to the constitution.

“My advice, if you don’t want to see a war with Iran, then mobilize behind the Khanna, Sanders resolution” said professor Boyle.

Follow link below to hear the full audio interview with professor Boyle.

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