by Mikasha Dawson

We our survivors…

On May 15, 2017, our lives were completely changed. We lost our beautiful Bianca to suicide.

This completely shook up our world. There were no warnings that she would have imagined such a fate!

It’s unfortunate that teen suicide rates are growing more every year – suicide is the second leading cause of death ages ten to twenty-four. As Bianca’s mother, I have been in shock and confused ever since that life changing morning.

After months of grieving, my sister came up with the idea of starting a non-profit – The Bee Rose Foundation. I knew this was a way I could keep Bianca’s legacy alive, and if Bianca’s life could save anyone else, it would mean the world to my family.

The name Bee Rose represents

our beloved Bianca. We called her ‘Bee’ for short and her middle name Rose. The Bee Rose Foundation would like to begin a safe and open discussion on ways of speaking up on this topic. We want to talk to you – our community.

We are grateful to the Utica Phoenix for giving us a platform to have conversations with you each month. Going forward, we will cover an array of topics – ranging from Mental/Social Health, Grief, our experiences developing a non-profit and much more.

The writers will primarily be me, Mikasha Dawson, Bianca’s mom, and Willijah Dawson, Bianca’s aunt. We will also have occasional guests writing for us, namely from our Board of Directors.

We look forward to presenting our next article and catching up with you then. Until then, have a safe and Happy Holiday with your loved ones.

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