Left to right 95.5FM’s Chemical Kain, Mike Schneider, Cassandra Harris-Lockwood, WPNR’s Says You Crew Carolyn Faye Fox, Dave Zobel and Laura Sher.

Photos by Lester Henderson

At twelve noon today, October 31, the Big B Studios of 95.5FM The Heat on Linwood Place in Utica, was graced by the presence of the cast of Says You, a National Public Radio word game quiz show that airs weekly on Saturdays at noon on, WRVO our local NPR affiliate.

Says You star Carolyn Faye Fox and Laura Sher executive producer

The host, Dave Zobel, cast member Carolyn Faye Fox, executive producer Laura Sher and producer, Chris Lyons taped the most recent episode of Phoenix Radio’s the Hot Seat radio program hosted by Cassandra Harris-Lockwood. It will be aired today at 5 P.M.

Dave Zobel host of WNPR game show Says You

As WRVO celebrates its fiftieth anniversary as our local WNPR affiliate station, the cast of Says You is visiting Utica and Syracuse to promote WRVO’s fall fundraiser.

Says You is coming to Utica to perform a live broadcast before a live local audience at Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute on Saturday, November 2nd at 2 PM. They will also be appearing on Friday, November 1st at 7:30 PM at the Palace Theatre is Syracuse. Tickets cost $35 per person and can be purchased online at

Hot Seat host Cassandra Harris-Lockwood laughs with NPR crew


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