Joseph Marino:

There are a number of serious issues that the voters in the City of Utica will have to consider when casting their ballots for the next mayor of Utica. I have attentively listened to the recent debates in the Oneida County Executive race, and feel that the residents of Utica deserve to hear from the person who is asking for their vote. So again, I am calling on Rob Palmieri to join me in taking questions from the residents and debating real issues. Taxes, term limits, our crumbling infrastructure, our vision for the future  and our rising crime rates are too important not to discuss and face the problems head on.

I have been to candidate forums throughout the city and Mr. Palmieri continues to avoid our citizens with his absence, so with one week before Election Day, I also ask for the media’s help in facilitating this important discussion.

I am willing to meet anytime and anywhere because the voters deserve answers so it’s time my opponent stops hiding

Lockwood Law


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