During a recent grant cycle, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County (CCEMC) received funding from the New York State Agricultural Society to gift three grow towers to elementary schools in Madison County. These towers will bring together knowledge from CCE and incorporate it with innovative programs on hydroponics, growing in small spaces and more.

The grow towers will extend the reach and impact of the CCEMC Ag in the Classroom Program by providing a physical foundation for a curriculum focused on growing food. The grow towers will be housed where they can be accessed frequently by the elementary students involved with the monthly Ag in the Classroom Program. The grow towers will provide meaningful connections between younger students and older students as they will share learning opportunities using the towers.

Through this grant, CCEMC can help provide a foundation for important curriculum that focuses on crop production, biotechnology, and sustainability. Students will learn about soil health, composting, and nutrient management as they grow their crops. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County specifically focuses on issues surrounding agriculture and youth development. Signature programs focus on improving the efficiency and profitability of agricultural production, connecting consumers with their farmers, and helping youth explore agriculture, science, technology, and math.

For more information on Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County, visit www.madisoncce.org

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