On Friday, November 1, 2019, bus drivers and monitors who drive children attending Utica City Schools will have the opportunity to vote “YES” and form their CSEA local union for a better Birnie Bus.

Workers are organizing their union because of the rampant mismanagement at the bus
company. They are concerned that children may be put at risk and can no longer wait for
management to act. The safe transportation of Utica’s children, precious cargo, is what is most important to workers and parents. They have expressed their safety and staffing concerns to Birnie Bus management for years to no avail.

Management has not addressed the mounting safety and staffing concerns brought by workers and parents. Instead, they are using part of the $9M from the bus contract with Utica City Schools to hire high-priced union busters and expensive anti-union lawyers. Drivers and monitors are being forced by Birnie Bus management to sit through mandatory anti-union meetings run by these union busters.

Documents from the Department of Labor confirm that in 2010 and 2013, Birnie Bus management spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on union busting consultants instead of making Birnie Bus better.

The November 1st union vote is a referendum on Birnie Bus management. The workers are
doing their part to make Birnie Bus better. It is management that is focused on the wrong things. Approximately 250 school bus workers at the Birnie Bus Utica terminal will be eligible to vote on November 1st.

Email cseacampaign@gmail.com for ways you can support these organizing school bus drivers and monitors

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