A computer science center, created for village residents and youth in Bazou Cameroon, has become a life-changing development there. According to Augustin Douya of Clinton, “We provided them a place to come and connect with the world, to do research for their education, or sign up for many free classes that we’re offering. Just to see the smile on their faces was a heart full of joy for us. This will definitely change the way they play, eat, and work.”

Douya holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications and works in network field assurance at Verizon Wireless. He is the nephew of the King of Bazou and his ambassador to New York and New England. He uses his spare time to surround himself with projects involving/connecting with the Bazou people who live in the region so that “they don’t forget home.”

Douya goes on to say, “My job is to motivate the Bazou people who once lived in these remote areas to return home and invest in the welfare of our people. We are lucky to be living here in the USA, it’s a blessing. The even greater blessings come when we help one child in Cameroon. We are raising money to help them hire a computer science teacher and get a printer, paper, internet access, and an uninterruptible power supply with a small generator. More Microsoft computer programs and functions create a place where they can research and send emails, which is most important for their education.”

“There is pretty much nothing modern in the homeland, so we first created a Bazou New England, a not-for-profit that will promote Bazou development in Cameroon, with agricultural equipment, first aid kits for the hospital, and school supplies for poor families. My job is to promote cross-contact, relationships and exchanges between Bazou people in the United States and the Bazou people in Cameroon.”

Through this new center, the men and women in the village will be served with instructions on how to save a life by learning CPR, CPI, first aid and how to take blood pressure readings. Plans entail that they will also learn how important it is to know blood sugar levels. Diabetes treatment classes will be given, with the help of donations and supporters.

“With the help of the new Bazou New England, we have been able to obtain a donation of sixty computers for the center. Through my leadership, I was able to energize all known members to contribute one hundred dollars that helped us with the shipment. Then two of us decided to come, out of pocket, to make a trip to Cameroon from June 15 to August 7 2019 to make this project happen.”

Education is the hope for the development of a country. Former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, once remarked that education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world. When the youth are educated, then the country is educated. When the youth are strong, then the country is strong. This is the intent for the people of Bazou.

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