I am not in total command of all the information concerning the downtown hospital proposal.

Ignorance is forgivable. It is an absence of knowledge.
Each of us is ignorant – just on different subjects.
Stupidity is not forgivable. Stupidity is a refusal to listen to others who can supply the
information to eradicate one’s ignorance.

Well, I may be the most ignorant person in this instance. But I am not stupid because
I am willing to listen to anyone who can lift my ignorance, but so far, no one is able or willing to come forth and help me.

I remain respectful and interested in listening.

Joe Bottini



If you have even a modicum of integrity, and most of you do, you must be
questioning your original opinion.

Most folks do even when they are right; except if you are Donald Trump.

I like many of his policies (NATO countries must pay their fair share of
defense – I was a member of the army stationed in Germany during the
occupation’s final years.)

After 61 years, we are still paying the load and still have troops in
Germany, but let us be honest, he does get under my skin with his
self-righteous attitude (“I won that state, and I won by a  lot”).

Once I would like to hear him say, “Maybe I got that wrong,” apologize
and make the correction in public.

And, I would like to hear one politician (many know better) say, “Maybe
Champlin Ave would be better.”

I don’t think it would cause cancer, so what are you afraid of?

Let  your light shine before men so they will know you are righteous.

Joe Bo



too many of our local power brokers are being hood-winked into thinking the only way to save a neighborhood and provide a parking garage for the Aud is to sell out to Cuomo

this is not true

we could have a medical healthcare complex, parking garage, rehabbed neighborhood and a full updated police complex without shoehorning the hospital into an entertainment district

it would, at this late juncture, take people with a high degree of personal chutzpah to reverse this folly now taking place

with no dog in the hunt, I remain adamantly opposed to the sophomoric thinking of our local leaders and the juvenile attitude of some of my friends who have put a competition between Utica and New Hartford in the middle of an otherwise serious discourse

they do not know that Utica has taken 17 parcels of land to geographically become what it is today – two huge chunks from New Hartford

of course, history is always the last place to look and learn for some myopic folks

Joe Bo

Lockwood Law


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