By Natalie M. Williams & Chet Botorroff

5G technology refers to the ‘next generation’ of data-driven communications technology. The promises involve one thousand times the ability of 4G to transfer information wirelessly. With 5G – the enthusiasts proclaim; we will live in a Jetsons-like futuristic wonderland; where everything will be connected to everything else. Today’s download delays, dropped calls, and data transmission bottlenecks will be eliminated; bringing forth the ability to experience faster downloads, streaming gaming experiences, virtual reality, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles and who knows what else. Investors and speculators say that it will make billions of dollars as a new age of convenience and ever-present communications, free every person on the planet to obtain huge data streams of information – anytime, and anywhere. All manner of machines will be able to communicate with each other; in a ‘SkyNet’ like system. Our 5G cell phones; will in effect, become ‘super-computers’.  With 5G, they say; ‘the internet of things, will arrive’. What’s not to like?

The flip side of this is that 5G is also a vehicle for unprecedented surveillance. Privacy, as we know it, will be no more. Every interconnected device will have the potential to spy on you and track you. Artificial intelligence will be embedded into the very fabrics that we wear. Our communications and travel will be recorded; all with the aid of ‘next generation’ devices and intelligence. 5G portends to be a tool of social control for oppressive governments world-wide.

Like a lobster which is slowly cooked to death as the water is heated and slowly comes to a boil; so will we. 5G Electro-Magnetic Frequency waves are also believed to be harmful to our health. Hundreds of independent studies have shown links to cancer, infertility, and neurological disorders. Concerned scientists warn us that 5G is being pushed on to an unwitting public, who have not been properly educated on exactly what 5G is.

So, let’s take a look. The ‘G’ stands for ‘generation, but the numbering is somewhat misleading. The numbers 1 through 5 do not express a linear progression, but rather, more of an exponential rise in capacity. Today’s current 4G technology has powered cell phones which allow for data, texting, and calls. What we had before this – 3G [*** Hertz frequency] had allowed for ‘flip phones’ with fairly reliable phone calling and texting.  2G [*** hertz frequency] allowed for handheld cell phones. 1G [*** hertz frequency]; the ‘first generation’ cell phones, started off in the 1980s, cost thousands of dollars, and were the size of a brick.

Most of us are aware of the visible portion of the Electro-Magnetic Frequency Spectrum [EMF spectrum] which gives us rainbow colors. Between Infra-red to Ultra-violet; the colors “ROYGBIV” are seen when white light is split into its component frequencies. [The visible light frequency range is *** through *** Hertz].

The main difference between the 4G technology that we currently use and the 5G “to come” is ‘speed’.  The information will be sent at least 100 times faster than the current speed. 4G runs at *** Gigahertz. Giga-hertz stands for a billion hertz. 5G technology will run in the Milli-hertz range; Milli stands for million. The wave sizes are 1000 times smaller for millihertz, as compared with gigahertz. These smaller waves will not transmit as far; so many more cell towers will need to be installed to relay the signals. The transmission of these many millihertz waves means that we will have at least one millihertz tower on every block.  And herein lays the problem: Millihertz is the frequency range on the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum which allows microwave ovens to work. As you well know, microwave ovens operate by vibrating the water molecules inside of food to such an extent that the food inside a microwave oven will cook it. Since humans (animals and plants too) are mostly composed of water – humans being composed of approximately 70% water; it is reasonable to question what will happen to people; who will constantly be exposed to millihertz frequency waves emitted from these ever-present new cell towers.

5G technology has never been used before on such a massive scale. On the occasions where it was used in the past; it was used as a weapon. 5G frequencies have been used by police in crowd dispersal; where a penetrating high pitched sound would force demonstrating crowds to dissipate in an effort to get away from disquietly queasy sensations produced, and the painfully loud screeching noise. 5G technology has also been cited as a ‘perfect weapon’.  Militaries have applied it for immediate or delayed effects of bodily harm.

Conspiracy theorists suggest that 5G will be used to control and reduce the world’s population. 5G level frequency exposure may not need to kill individuals outright but could be used to cause latent infertility and cancers. Targeted individuals would not even know that they were exposed. Then, years later, they would develop unexplained cancers and become sterile. (Women and children are especially vulnerable). As numerous independent scientific students concur with this: the public should demand to know the truth about this technology. Which will become ever-present in our lives?  Will 5G waves fry our eyeballs, and cause cancer and infertility on a massive scale so as to reduce the population precipitously? If so, how can we protect ourselves from it?

Unfortunately, anyone in the path of the towers will be exposed to the waves.  Anyone with a 5G phone will be holding or carrying a 5G receiver.  The push to install 5G technology in the US has, thus far, been unopposed. Huge opposition was made in ‘the 5G roll-out’ in certain the UK and European cities.  The internet is full of reports regarding the dangers.

My efforts to investigate this matter yielded zero results regarding studies from the FCC.  The Federal Communications Commission in the United States has elected not to do any studies; pushing forward with 5G, and dismissing the concerns of anyone who opposes it. US citizens, once again – we are at a crossroads.

Will we allow this ‘advance into the future’ to imperil our very survival? Do we accept the hype and join the 5G bandwagon? Or, do we reasonably question the impact and scope of 5G technology, and at least ascertain whether or not it is safe first?  I say, that demanding safety before the implementation of 5G would be far wiser than risking having masses of people being cooked from the inside out.  Given the vast amounts of money which are expected to be generated from 5G technologies; this will be a battle.  What is at stake is clear:  Our Lives vs. Their Greed.

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