“At the beginning of this legislative session, I called for the most sweeping, aggressive tenant protections in state history. I’m confident the measure passed today is the strongest possible set of reforms that the Legislature was able to pass and are a major step forward for tenants across New York.

“As the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Clinton, I know full well the importance of affordable housing and with the existing rent laws set to expire tomorrow, I have immediately signed this bill into law – avoiding the chaos and uncertainty that a lapse in these protections would have caused for millions of New Yorkers.


“This year we have passed more impactful progressive legislation than any time in modern political history, but as we enter the last week of session, we must not rest on our laurels. We must pass the unfinished items on our agenda and continue the work that the people of this great state sent us here to do.”


Lockwood Law


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