The Geodesic Dome was given to the world by R. Buckminster Fuller
over 60 years ago. Science teacher Natalie Williams intends to revitalize
the concept of Geodesics through education workshops and construction
camps. Geodesic Structure Frameworks – domes ( hemispheres ) and
spheres ( soccer balls ) are made up of hexagons and pentagons; these
open span structures are remarkably light and strong.
SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica, NY Saturday, April 20, 2019.

Come and help construct a dome using special, easy assembly 3D
printed hub connectors at the Mohawk Valley Mini Maker Faire at
SUNY Polytechnic in Spring 2019; all materials will be provided.

We will build one of these!
A 25-foot diameter Yard Size Dome. provides geodesic dome hub
connectors and training to communities which are impoverished
or environmentally devastated. Our Motto is: Food & Shelter
for the Teeming Masses – On Earth & Beyond. We plan to
mass manufacture plastic dome connector hubs for donation
throughout the world. Dome and Sphere Shelters and
Greenhouses can be made to any size. Read about our ‘Build’
campaigns online.
3 D Printed Plastic Dome Connectors.
The unique connectors can be 3D printed using a. STL file.
60 hub connectors are required to build a sphere. With
that, you will have the framework for a “Giant Soccer Ball”.
You can quickly build your own 25-foot diameter dome or
sphere using these impact resistant plastic connector

Upon obtaining the ‘hubs’, You may then purchase the
‘struts, pins and skins’ [ PVC tubes, screws & tarp or UV
plastic ] from a local building supply store. You can build a
shed, pool cover, playroom or greenhouse which is easily
assembled and disassembled.



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