The C.A.B. Foundation, Inc. board of directors elected new officers, and one new member recently.  C.A.B. Foundation is the governing board of Vehicles for Vision, and Valuables for Vision, donation programs that support programs at the Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CABVI).

Officers are Michael Misiaszek, President, Pondra Bowen, Vice President, and Steve Cater, Secretary/Treasurer. The board elected Dana Nimey-Olney to serve a three-year term.

Other members of the C.A.B. Foundation Board are Phil Burkhart, Ray O’Brien, Bart Rasmus, Steve Roefaro, Ed Welsh, and Dr. Michael Wicks.

Vehicles for Vision, and Valuables for Vision accept donations of motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, boats, antiques, real estate, or appreciated the property.

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