“The Trump administration’s policy forcing military troops and recruits to serve in the gender they were assigned at birth is unconscionable and a slap in the face to countless Americans who want nothing more than to serve their country with dignity and respect. Let’s be clear: this disgraceful policy is discriminatory and undermines our national security by banning honorable and courageous people from defending their country. Nothing could be more shameful.

“In New York, we stand with the transgender community. We took action in 2015 to affirm that all trans and gender nonconforming people are protected under the State’s Human Rights Law, and this year we enshrined those protections in State law once and for all with the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act.


“I have no doubt the federal administration will continue to govern by hate, but in New York we will always call out bigoted policies for what they are and do everything in our power to ensure true equality for all.

Lockwood Law


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