By Natalie Williams

How To win in & Law Librarians at the Oneida County Law Library take a look at the “C A T –  Complaint Answer Trial and a look at the legal process and how to win in court.

The real fight is in the discovery process…not at trial as TV leads you to believe!

Every winnable case can be won before trial”

Such is the advise gleaned from the How To Win in website; I subscribed to the legal system tutorials.  I also frequent the law library.

I am pleased to announce my legal victory. 10 bogus vehicular violation tickets, a bogus trespass charge, and a bogus allegation of ‘Marijuana’ possession.  All challenged by me – representing myself; in the City of Utica, NY City Court. 10 Misdemeanor (mostly vehicular violations), and a Felony Charge, in total – were issued against me

I had fired the ‘public defender’ assigned to my case, insisted on justice, refused to make any ‘deals’; and insisted on ‘being heard’, – planning to represent myself at trail.

I plead not guilty and I demanded a Judge’s subpoena of police body cam, dash cam, and holding cell video from the District Attorney’s office. I filed a ‘flurry of motions’; including a motion to dismiss should “ the people “ fail to produce the evidence demanded as part of the discovery process,  I proved what I could upfront, based on the evidence that I had, that some of their claims were false.

Bench Trails and a Jury trial were scheduled.  I arrived at the court a day early for the trials, to be informed by the court clerk that “everything had been dismissed.” I was told that I would not need to show up for any trails.

‘Everything was dismissed…’  Before the trails were to begin.  I paid for the certificates of disposition; which had a string of ‘dismissed in the interests of justice’ notations

Thank you – “How to Win In Court. com. Thank you Utica Law Librarians. Thank you Goddess!.

As an ‘African  American”; often subject to police harassment when walking, talking or  ‘driving while black,’  I commend those who taught me how to fight back; and save me from what would have likely been thousands of dollars in bogus fines and court fees – or even jail time had the courts been allowed to ‘do business as usual’

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