A bombshell new report from the New York Times reveals that the Congressional Leadership Fund, the major Republican Super PAC backing Claudia Tenney, illegally obtained and distributed a former CIA officer’s security questionnaire in an effort to discredit her campaign for Congress. The document, a highly sensitive collection of personal information, belonged to Abigail Spanberger, the Democratic candidate in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District.

According to the report, Spanberger said that “she had ‘clear evidence’ that the Congressional Leadership Fund had provided a copy of her security clearance application to ‘at least one news outlet,’ adding, ‘I am not aware of any legal way that C.L.F. could have this document.’”

The document contained Spanberger’s medical history, social security number, and other personal details unredacted. CLF’s distribution of the document as “opposition research” is not only a major breach of Spanberger’s privacy, but a breach of national security and the law.

“For weeks, CLF has been pushing false attacks to mislead the voters of Upstate New York, but this is truly a new low,” said Ellen Foster, campaign manager for Anthony Brindisi. “Tenney’s allies illegally obtained and distributed a confidential national security document. Although Claudia Tenney benefits from their tactics, she should put country over party for once and condemn their actions. This kind of behavior has no place in our politics.”

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