In an unprecedented display of grassroots support, more than 700 people from throughout New York’s 22nd district attended a fundraiser hosted by Anthony Brindisi’s campaign for Congress in Utica yesterday. The people-powered fundraiser was accessible to all, with a $10 ticket price. Meant to contrast Rep. Claudia Tenney’s exclusive high-dollar event with President Trump, where tickets went for $15,000, Brindisi’s fundraiser drew a diverse crowd of enthusiastic supporters.

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“From the start, this campaign has been about empowering working people across Upstate New York. I don’t accept corporate PAC money, I’ve held a town hall in every county in the district, and I want my events to reflect that this campaign is powered by everyday people,” Brindisi said. “Our current representative feels more comfortable at a closed-door event with the ultra-wealthy than she does meeting with her constituents. I think this district deserves better. We deserve someone who will listen to the people and advocate for them in Washington.”


Brindisi’s event was held at Chesterfield’s restaurant, just blocks away from Tenney’s exclusive fundraiser in downtown Utica. Brindisi made a point to take photos with all attendees – to contrast with Tenney’s event that charged at least $5,000 for a photo – and long lines formed at Chesterfield’s for supporters to meet Brindisi. While staged in Utica, the event drew supporters from all eight counties in the 22nd Congressional District. Events like this have allowed Brindisi to out-raise Tenney every fundraising quarter of the campaign. In the most recent filings, Brindisi had a cash on hand advantage of $400,000.


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