Press Release from :Republican Frederick Nichols

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Utica, NY – Republican Frederick Nichols worked hard to deliver a proper nominating petition to the NYS Board of Elections (BOE) on time—the same way he worked hard to earn his Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree two months earlier.

 NYS Board of Elections (BOE) officials found Nichols petition to be valid and issued a recommendation that Nichols be on the September 13 Republican Primary Election ballot for the 119th District of the NYS Assembly.

The BOE recommendation overcame objections by political opponents who attempted to disqualify Nichols petition.

Nichols hard work succeeded despite the interference.

Getting on the ballot and winning the primary election are key steps in Nichols drive to represent the 119th District in the NYS Assembly.

 “What about you?” This is my campaign slogan,” Nichols said, “It is time for someone to stand up and fight for the American citizens in the 119th Assembly District. I intend to be that someone.”

 During the weeks ahead, Nichols will travel across the 119th District to meet, listen, and talk with voters about the upcoming election and his position on key issues.





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