By C. Harris-Lockwood

Photo By Tom Loughlin

Over 100 members of the local Carpenters and Electrical Worker’s Union rallied outside of Utica’s State Office Building the afternoon of June 7, in support of MVHS’s intent to build a new hospital in Downtown Utica. Wives and children of members were there in support as passing cars blew horns and shouted as they drove by.

There were a few supporters of #NHD in the courtyard of the SOB as the SRQR meeting of the State was about to go on inside in the conference room.

When asked by this reporter why they, Union Tradesmen, wanted the hospital to be built downtown several answered that they had been told that the money would only be available if the construction were in the City of Utica and that they were concerned about their Union jobs and the PLA.

The PLA is described by Wikipedia as A Project Labor Agreement (PLA), also known as a Community Workforce Agreement, is a pre-hire collective bargaining agreement with one or more labor organizations that establishes the terms and conditions of employment for a specific construction project.

It has been learned that Union Tradesmen were obligated to attend this rally and would be docked if they were not present.

Those Union members contacted found it hard to believe that building the hospital in other than the downtown location would not result in the loss of funding. In the end, they indicated that they didn’t care where it was built, they just wanted to protect their jobs.
Workforce Development Czar, David Mathis with Pat Costello of the Electrical Union both favored downtown location but were unaware that the Corrigan family had been denied the purchase of a large building on Broad Street in which to house their warehouse operation.

The Corrigans have been accused of not paying sales tax and moving their warehouse operation out of the City of Utica to avoid the same. The truth is that the Corrigan family would have liked to have purchased the property and remained in Utica since their family has been there since 1887. Additionally, since Wilcor is a wholesale merchant, no sales tax is taken.

There have been many myths, lies, and misrepresentations in the hidden process of hospital development in Oneida County.

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