Dear Editor:

January and February were some of the most difficult weeks that my family and I have had in a very long time. Most of January I spent ill, I have always had a weakness with my lungs and am prone to pneumonia, which as a fitness instructor is not an ideal situation.

I was diagnosed as having pneumonia and followed the doctor’s orders by taking multiple medications, prednisone, and nebulizer treatments.  I started feeling better but not 100%.

Then early February I ended up VERY ill. My boyfriend, who is never sick, also ended up VERY ill.  We couldn’t breathe, coughed unproductively endlessly, could not eat, could not sleep and the body aches were relentless.

I was advised to contact Cassandra Harris-Lockwood for a homeopathic remedy.  I had been advised multiple times in the past to contact her but never opted to do so.  This time was different.  The amount of pain and suffering that we were experiencing pushed me over the edge.

I contacted Cassandra late at night, asking for her assistance.  She detailed both of our symptoms in depth and the next morning she showed up at my job and put two different remedies in two bottles of water, a different remedy for each of us.

She explained the process for us to follow and within a couple of hours, I was noticeably better.  By that evening, we could finally sleep, which we hadn’t done in days. As we were improving, my son, who is 5 years old, then started to fall ill. I again called Cassandra who kept in touch with me for the following days, checking in and following our progress.  After detailing my son’s symptoms, she advised me to give my son the same remedy that I was taking.  I did as I was instructed and by the next day, he was back to being his playful little self. Both my family and I are grateful for the knowledge and care that was given to us by Cassandra’s understanding of homeopathy.

Eternally Grateful,

Meghann A. Miller


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