Dear Editor:

My name is Robert Upton, I’ve been a health care professional for over 20 years. I still believe in tried and true medicine involving over the counter and prescription drugs, but I also personally feel that when these methods fail to deliver relief, an alternative option exists: holistic medicine.

My specific circumstances began a few years back with my allergies. Once Actifed and Sudafed were pulled from the market, my body seemed immune to everything else out there while I suffered, only Benadryl helped, but made me too drowsy. I had almost given up hope when Ms. Harris Lockwood made me aware of Acidophilus and Bioallers.

The attacks I get now are quickly controlled, and I can get on with my life going off remedy in between.   Recently I can down with the flu. Tamiflu alleviated the body aches, nausea, and weaknesses, but the sore throat and dry cough lingered.

Once again a recommendation from Ms. Lockwood aquatinted me the homeopathic remedy Hydrastis Canadensis, which has done what Robitussin, Mucinex, and Delsym couldn’t. I can get back to work, and back to my life.    Although holistics’ are still considered on the outskirts of drug therapy, I know what it did for me personally, and to anyone else suffering, don’t you deserve to check out all avenues of healing?

Robert Upton

Lockwood Law


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