The Upstate Caring Partners family is growing!  This parent organization, comprised of affiliate agencies including Upstate Cerebral Palsy, the Kelberman Center, The Root Farm, the E. John Gavras Center among others, has expanded to now include Advocates Incorporated, a nonprofit organization located in Syracuse, New York.  Advocates’ mission is similar to that of Upstate Cerebral Palsy and all affiliates: to be a pioneer in developing community-based, self-directed services supporting people in living fully inclusive lives.
Advocates were founded over 20 years ago by a group of parents seeking community-based supports and services for their children with complex medical, intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Led by Executive Director Nicholas Cappoletti, Advocates has grown over the years to provide person-centered supports and services for over 900 people spanning all phases of life from birth through adulthood, promoting choice and making full community participation possible.
“By joining forces, our two organizations will be strongly positioned to meet the changing needs of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Together, we will advance the development of high quality, person-centered services and continue our advocacy efforts for the over 17,000 people we serve throughout Upstate, New York,” said Cappoletti.
This affiliation benefits people of all abilities and their families through a new and even more powerful and unified voice to help influence public policy; through providing specialized services and supports that adapt to a diverse and complex population; and through ultimately helping people achieve the lives that they want to lead.  In a period of uncertain government and private funding, this partnership will further enhance the fiscal stability of the combined organizations by expanding their geography, diversifying their services and by creating efficiencies in operations.
Louis Tehan, Upstate Caring Partners President, and CEO states, “As the world around us continues to dramatically change in the way services are offered to people and families, an appropriate level of funding becomes more and more the exception rather than the rule. It is the optimal time for our organizations to join together to harness our combined efforts of advocacy, outcome measured results and fiscal accountability – all based on the foundation and promise of the highest quality of person-centered opportunities in service delivery.”
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